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A Blender for Every Budget

Blenders are all the rage these days. Smoothies have become part of the zeitgeist, as people have realized that they provide a great way to mix up nutritious foods in a convenient-to-consume way. Same with soups: blenders make it easy to mix up tasty soup from scratch with all your favorite healthy ingredients. If you have joined the blender train … Read more »

Healthier Hanukkah Recipe Roundup

Jewish holiday celebrates the Maccabees victory over the Syrian-Greeks, and a miracle that occurred when a single days worth of oil lasted for eight-days as the Holy Temple was being rededicated.… Read more »

11 Benefits of Daily Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation might bring to mind images crystal balls and burning incense, but did you know there’s legit science backing up the practice? Over the past few decades, countless studies have shown physical and mental benefits to developing a regular mindfulness meditation practice.… Read more »

4 Uncommon Sports to Try This Winter

Technically, winter is just around the corner, which means it’s cold, the days are short, and our cozy socks and slippers are always nearby. At this point in the year, you have two options: stay indoors and hibernate for a few months with a good book or 20, or decide that the season’s not going to affect your ability to get your heart rate up. If you choose the latter, here are a few sports and activities you may have previously scoffed … Read more »

What are Antioxidants and What do They do for Your Body?

The word antioxidant get’s thrown around a lot when talking about food and health. While you probably know antioxidants are healthy, something you want to eat plenty of in your diet, but do you know what an antioxidant actually is?… Read more »

How to Clean Your Fridge

It’s easy for your refrigerator to become cluttered and messy, especially if you like to cook or collect condiments like me. Maintaining fridge cleanliness is important and helps keep your food fresh, so don’t let it become a smelly science experiment! Here’s how to clean your fridge like a pro:… Read more »

7 Exotic Fruits You Need to Try

Whenever I travel, my favorite thing to do is try the local food – especially the produce. The fruits in my grocery store at home are easily recognized; not so when I’m in Asia, Africa or South America. Many of these exotic fruits are now popping up in specialty stores and markets around the US. Next time you’re shopping,… Read more »